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Aceppted Applications / Elvis app [Accepted]
« on: December 01, 2016, 05:28:18 pm »
[b]Your Name In Real Life:[/b] Elvis Alvarez

[b]Your In-Game Name:[/b] Elvis

[b]The name you wish upon acceptance:[/b] [gT]Elvis

[b]Your Gender:[/b] hombre

[b]Your Age:[/b] 17

[b]How long have you played on the  (In Months Please):[/b] it's new this server  very little time in game and forum

[b]Your Language or Languages:[/b] englis and spanish

[b]Your Country of Origin:[/b] Venezuela

[b]Server You Play On ( 3e ) [Can br all] :[/b] 3e

[b]Have You Been In Other Clans (If so, which ones?):[/b] N/A

[b]Have You Been A Leader Of Any Clan:[/b] N/A

[b]Your Computer-Experience:[/b]  experience player mature and active Good in everything

[b]Your Reason Of Joining [gT] Clan:[/b] help to form  a family very good and expert

[b]What can you contribute to [gT] Clan:[/b] he behavior  the honesty in game

[b]What made you choose [gT] from other GTTDM clans?:[/b] I like it much

[b]How would you treat other players after being Member of [bT] Clan?:[/b] how my family of life real

[b]How do you describe your behavior?:[/b] good and mature

[b]A Bit About Yourself [The more detail, the better] :[/b] 2 years in samp I play soccer and study

[b][color=orange][u]Answer the following statements:-[/u][/color][/b]

[b]Will you be active on server and help all players if they need any help? (YES/NO):[/b]  yes

[b]Will you follow every rule of our servers and forum? (YES/NO):[/b]yes

[b]Will you break any rules if you get pissed? (YES/NO):[/b]not

[b]Will you respect the decisions taken by the clan management? Even if they are against you? (YES/NO):[/b]yes

[b]Will you actively participate in clan events? (YES/NO):[/b]yes

[b]If any [gT] member insults you, what will you do?:[/b] I go through to they

[b]If you see two or more [gT] members are fighting against each other, what will you do?:[/b] Depending on the type of struggle that they use I go through to they

[b]If you see a [gT] member breaking server rules, what will you do?:[/b] warn

[b]If you see a [gT] member abusing his powers on you or someone else in the servers, what will you do?:[/b] Announce this in forum

[b]If there is a new player in the server and he doesn't know anything, how will you help him?:[/b] speaking all About how to play

[b]If you meet someone in the servers and they are interested in joining our clan, how will you assist them?:[/b] indicating step by step as it should be the app

[b]Do you think that your knowledge of English language is good enough to communicate with us? (YES/NO):[/b] yes

[center][u](Insert your name here)[/u][/center]


[center][i]=Thank you and now I am waiting patiently for reply!=[/i][/center]

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